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Keep It Simple SEO Methodology

  • Step 1: Keyword Research & Selection

    The first step to any new Premium SEO Campaign is keyword research & selection.
    Without a targeted keyword list, it's difficult to define what we're working towards.

    We'll use several tools to find keywords you're already on the radar for. If your site is brand new, we'll find popular keywords with good value to establish your business online as an expert in your space. Our team will work with you to find the perfect target list.
  • Step 2: Keyword Content Writing

    Once the keywords are selected and approved, by you, our team of retired teachers and college writers research and write a 500 word article for each and every keyword in your campaign. 

    We do not use any software to mimic, spin, or any other type of copy manipulation that leads to poor content. 

    Our writers are not writing for Robb Report or Forbes however, so the content we create is considered good, not breathtaking.
  • Step 3: Relevancy Based Content Sharing

    Once your keywords are selected and we've written the content for each one, we'll publish that content to your site, and on a few other relevant sites in our network. 

    The network is where all the magic happens. Every link we build is from a real business, with their own server, their own phone number, and their own SEO Campaign for their keywords that works in parallel with yours.
  • Step 4: Analytics & Reporting

    None of this would make any sense if you couldn't track the progress of what we said we would do.

    When you sign up, you get full access to your own SEO Dashboard, where you have full control over every word we write and every link we build. Add to that, each week, we'll email you a report with your rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing, so you can see your website moving up naturally, as it should be. 

    We're always available to review these with you, but most clients just call to add more keywords when they're ready to grow more.

Who's in the Red Zone?

We've worked with every size business, in almost every industry.
Drug Rehab SEO Results Example

Addiction Rehab in Southern California

65 Keyword Campaign
$6,500 Monthly Investment
72 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 32,042
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $109,342
eCommerce SEO Results

Outdoor Cooling Company (eCommerce) 

60 Keyword Campaign
$6,000 Monthly Investment
44 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 8,426
Organic Revenue Monthly: $100,000+
Peak Season Monthly Revenue: $500,000+
Medical SEO Results

Drug Rehab Facility in Utah

15 Keyword Campaign
$1,500 Monthly Investment
28 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 1,159
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $4,523
Private Club SEO Results

Multi-City Yacht Club

25 Keyword Campaign
$2,500 Monthly Investment
63 Top 10 Rankings
Cancelled & Came Back...
Monthly Traffic from Google: 79,969
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $676,862
Wholesale Seed Bank SEO Results

Wholesale Seed Bank (eCommerce)

101 Keyword Campaign
$10,000 Monthly Investment
206 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 147,505
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $71,010
Car Dealer SEO Results

Local Subaru Dealership

35 Keyword Campaign
$3,500 Monthly Investment
57 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 2,419
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $8,556
Chiropractor SEO Results

Chiropractor in Calgary

5 Keyword Campaign
$500 Monthly Investment
8 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 573
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $1,120
Medical Training SEO Results

Los Angeles Medical Training Company

30 Keyword Campaign
$3,000 Monthly Investment
43 Top 10 Rankings
Monthly Traffic from Google: 4,478
Estimated Monthly Traffic Value: $10,357

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