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Red Zone SEO Introduces Free SEO Review Tool

Red Zone SEO Introduces Free SEO Review Tool

'We wanted everyone to be able to check how they're doing with their website, whether they pay us or not.'

Rob Kafka, Founder, Red Zone SEO

LAS VEGAS - July 31, 2020 -

Red Zone SEO, a Las Vegas SEO company, has just announced the launch of its new instant SEO auditing tool, aptly named The SEO Review.

There are many services on the market that offer a way for a company to check various areas of its website’s overall health. Some of those tools cost nothing at all while others can cost upwards of thousands of dollars a month. As one would expect, the free ones leave a lot to be desired, while the paid ones can be very complex and require a full-time staff member just to manage them.

It’s with that barrier of entry in mind that the team at Red Zone SEO came up with the idea for a tool anyone can use for free, in real time, with high-value actionable recommendations for all areas that affect website performance. “We wanted everyone to be able to check how they’re doing with their website, whether they pay us or not,” said Rob Kafka, the founder of Red Zone SEO.

All a company has to do is enter their domain and contact information on the Free SEO Review page, wait a couple of seconds, and they’ll have a complete comprehensive report on their overall SEO, usability, performance, social media and web security. At the bottom of the page, they’ll get a list of recommendations with a priority indicator to let them know which parts of their site need the most attention first and foremost.

Unlike other free SEO tools that just let people see the report in their browser and limit the  number of reports they can run, Red Zone SEO lets users run unlimited reports and download a PDF with all the details for each report they run.

The company also offers premium SEO services for serious business owners looking for extra help reaching their search engine optimization and ranking goals.

Whether a company is just getting started or they’ve been active in their online business for years, The SEO Review from Red Zone SEO is a new tool in their arsenal to get a free second opinion on how their domain and website are really performing, along with easy-to-follow, actionable SEO tips.

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