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SEO Guide for Dentists

SEO Guide for Dentists

How to Make Your Practice #1

Dental offices face some of the most expensive clicks with paid advertising. It’s due to this highly competitive market space that dentists will continue to pay for even traditional methods of advertising to get exposure and hopefully a qualified client or two in the process of producing commercials and billboards where less than 1% of impressions even qualify as a prospective client.

While top positioning on search engines can seem expensive, it’s often seen as the best place to invest marketing dollars and man hours as search engines provide what’s known as inbound impressions vs. outbound or interruption impressions.

By targeting the right keywords and phrases, search engines provide clicks from individuals that are actively looking for your service instead of driving pass it on a freeway, getting to know your jingle on the radio or worst of all, your ad interrupting their favorite television program.
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