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SEO Tips for 2021

Core Web Vitals & Code Bloat

Google announced this will become a ranking signal in May 2021, so it's an important one to address. The main goal of measuring these new metrics is to provide a better overall user experience, with faster loading pages and less movement of elements while a page downloads. When a website has a healthy set of Core Web Vitals, users can avoid mis-clicks and other poor user experiences that lead to lost sales.

Focus on Users, not Metrics!

Too many self-proclaimed experts focus on 3rd party metrics that blind them to what Google and other search engines look for, which is to help users find what they are looking for.

Domain Authority, like so many other metrics, is extremely easy to manipulate, which is what makes it so unreliable as a gauge for quality or any resemblance of what Google “thinks” about your page.

Instead, consider what Google considers a "high-quality site" by reviewing the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines published by Google. Then go look at the page you’re optimizing and see what can be updated to make that page deliver on those guidelines.

Use Lighthouse!

Have you ever pressed F12 while you’re on your home page and run a Lighthouse report? This only works in Chrome, but if you haven’t, please go pull your site up in Chrome and press F12. When that thing pops open, look for the tab at the top called “Lighthouse”, then click “Generate report”. This will default to Mobile as Google already moved to Mobile First indexing, but you have the choice to run desktop audits as well.

The information provided comes straight from Google and this tool will review your sites Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice Compliance & SEO. It’s completely free and is packed with information to help you improve your site.

Relevant Content Sharing

Google's own John Mueller says: "A good link – so I mean the traditional good link is someone who comes across your website and thinks it’s a fantastic website and recommends it to other people with a link."

When that someone has a well-established, relevant business online that they send that link from, it's much more valuable than a brand-new blog that just went live this week sending a link.

“There’s a lot of ways to build links, it’s actually kind of scary how many things some people are still selling. A lot of them do more harm than good.” said Rob Kafka, who started Red Zone SEO to provide only white-hat SEO services that are well within Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Red Zone SEO operates an opt-in, membership-based business network that allows efficient management of over 5 million links across over 53,000 online businesses as of this writing.

If you want to accelerate your content sharing and overall SEO strategy, check out the Premium SEO campaigns available on our site, or call the Las Vegas SEO Experts at 844-736-7483 for a free consultation today!

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