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About Red Zone SEO

We define Premium SEO. More than 50,000 domains in our network owned by over 40,000 users who love us.

More than 600 white label resellers use our service to drive buyers to their clients.

The red zone is the top 30 positions on Google.

While 90% of the traffic that goes through search engines does so on page 1, the sites on pages 2-3 today, are the ones with the best shot at dethroning those page 1 sites tomorrow.

The best part about targeting keywords you're already in the red zone for is, it's usually a much quicker process to bump up to page one from page two or even page three, than it is to go from zero to hero.

If you're just starting out online, or with a new domain, it's important to remember, you have to catch up to your competition.

"You can't just build a website and poof there's people buying on it. That's not how SEO works and it's not how the internet works. Paid ads is something to consider if you need rapid placement... but for long lasting profitability, you want to be ranking organically, in the red zone. Ideally, on page one at the top, without having to pay for each click that comes through."

- Rob Kafka

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